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Topic Author Issue
The State, Primary Education, and Nation-Building in Azerbaijan Lamiya Panahova 133
The Memory of the Second Karabakh War and the Future of the National Lack in Azerbaijan Bahruz Samadov 133
Georgian Mainstream Media in a Polarized Political Environment: a Victim and an Accomplice Lasha Kavtaradze 123
Contemporary Art in an Alien Context Building Up a Self-organized Space in Contemporary Abkhazia Nasta Agrba, Asida Butba 118
Film Awards as Cultural Institutions Towards a Diverse Landscape of Film in Georgia Philomena Grassl 118
MIHR Theatre of dot-dot-dot An Exploration of Performance Art, Performing Arts, Contemporary Dance and Theatre in Armenia Today Shoghakat Mlke-Galstyan, Olivia Jaques 118
War, Music, Memory—Ethnomusicological Explorations in Abkhazia Kerstin Klenke, Olivia Jaques 118
External Quality Assurance: State Leverage over Higher Education Institutions or Means for Increasing the Quality of Education? Diana Lezhava 105
Rethinking Armenian Students' Engagement in Quality Assurance: Perspectives for Meaningful Participation Edith Soghomonyan 105
The Role of Internationalization for Quality Assurance in Higher Education Systems: The Case of Georgia Mariam Amashukeli 105
The EU as a 'Threat' to Georgian Traditions: Who Is Afraid, and Why? Tinatin Zurabishvili 99
Stones Speaking: Reading Conflicting Discourses in the Urban Environment Jana Javakhishvili 80
The Alley of Martyrs: Deaths, Memory and the Nation Leyla Sayfutdinova 66
Capturing Marginality: The Social Role of Photography in the Wake of Rapid Urban Development in Batumi, Adjara Tamta Khalvashi 66
Transforming Sites of Memory, Transforming Time: Telavi's Rehabilitation Dustin Gilbreath 66
Mixed Marriages in Georgia: Trends and Implications Milena Oganesyan 64
A Tale of Two Environments: Practices and Regulations Shaping Armenian Traditional and Online News Media Tatevik Sargsyan 61-62
E-Democracy in Azerbaijan Ulviyya Asadzade 61-62
Use of Facebook by Azerbaijani Government and Opposition: Strategy and Tactics Tariyel Jalalli 61-62
Media Reports on the Protest Actions in Azerbaijan. International Press Review   46
Islam in Azerbaijan (Historical Background) Altay Goyushov 44
Azerbaijan and “Tolerant Muslims” Jennifer Solveig Wistrand 44
Religious Tolerance. Opinion Poll   44
Oppositional Islam in Azerbaijan Sofie Bedford 44
Religiosity and Attitudes Towards Religion. Opinion Poll   44
Local Legal Conceptions in Svan Villages in the Lowlands Stéphane Voell 42
Traditional Law in Soviet Times Lavrenti Janiashvili 42
The Resurgence of Blood Feud in the Georgian Lowlands Natia Jalabadze 42
The Pride of Being Kidnapped: Women’s Views on Bride Kidnapping in Tetritskaro, Georgia Elke Kamm 42
Azerbaijan’s Eurovision Story: Great Chances to Improve, But No Political Will Shahin Abbasov 32
Georgia and the Sochi Olympic Games Molly Corso 32
Come to Move Mountains! Diaspora and Development in a Transnational Age Tsypylma Darieva 29
Diaspora Returnees, Transfer of Knowledge and a New Understanding of “Homeland” Anna Harutyunyan 29
Traditional Failings versus Non-Traditional Prospects of the Armenian Media Arpine Porsughyan 25
Media in Azerbaijan: The Ruling Family Dominates TV, the Opposition Has Some Papers Arifa Kazimova 25
Georgia: Immature Media Nino Robakidze 25
Public Use and Perception of Mass Media in the South Caucasus. Opinion Poll   25
Assessment of Media Freedom in International Comparison. Documentation   25
Religiosity in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan Robia Charles 20
Religiosity in the South Caucasus in Opinion Polls. Graphs   20
The Role of the Armenian Church During Military Conflicts Harutyun Harutyunyan 20
Canonization, Obedience, and Defiance: Strategies for Survival of the Orthodox Communities in Transnistria, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia Kimitaka Matsuzato 20
Ethnic Georgian Muslims: A Comparison of Highland and Lowland Villages Ruslan Baramidze 20
Georgians’ Attitudes Towards Democracy and NATO Membership. Opinion Poll   17
Comparing Azeri Attitudes toward Political Participation in Azerbaijan and Georgia Joshua Noonan 17
Comparing Azeri Attitudes toward Political Participation in Azerbaijan and Georgia. Survey Results. Diagrams   17
Internet in Armenia: Slow, Expensive, but Increasingly Important Onnik Krikorian 15
The Internet in Azerbaijan Alexey Sidorenko and Arzu Geybullayeva 15
Internet, Society and Democracy in Georgia Alexey Sidorenko 15
Internet Use in the South Caucasus. Data   15
The Archeology of Future Literature: Digging out Prose from Independent Armenia’s History Gevorg Ter-Gabrielyan 14
The Business of Literature in Azerbaijan Nigar Kocharli 14
Conformism and Resistance: The Birth of the Modern Georgian Literature Malkhaz Kharbedia 14
Attitudes Toward the West in the South Caucasus Therese Svensson, Julia Hon 13
Public Attitudes towards the Relationship with the West in the Countries of the South Caucasus. Diagrams   13
Religious Feeling in the South Caucasus (2007). Tables and Diagrams   12
Interpreting the Past – From Political Manipulation to Critical Analysis? Oliver Reisner 08
A Short Sketch of One Century of Azerbaijani Historical Writing Zaur Gasimov 08
Armenia’s Attitude Towards its Past: History and Politics Sergey Minasyan 08
Time Turned Back: On the Use of History in Georgia. Opinion Giorgi Maisuradze 08
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