Die Kundgebung des "Asow"-Zivilkorps gegen die Wahlen im Donbass am 20. Mai 2016

OSZE-Bericht über die Kundgebung (20.05.2016)

(…) The SMM monitored a demonstration in Kyiv organized by the Azov Civil Corps. Approximately 5,000 participants (85 per cent men, mainly 16–30 years old) gathered by the Motherland Monument in Kyiv in the morning and marched to the Parliament, igniting flares and firecrackers along the way. The march was followed by eight young men dressed in black, holding a banner with the words “Demand of the nation—No to capitulation”. The majority of the marchers were carrying Azov Civil Corps flags, as well as numerous other flags representing various groups and organizations. When the demonstrators reached the Parliament, the building was encircled by approximately 500 law enforcement officers and traffic on the street in front of the Parliament had been blocked by police.

Outside the Parliament, the main speaker was a current Member of Parliament and head (“curator”) of the Azov Civil Corps, who made statements against the holding of elections in the areas not controlled by the Government until the Ukrainian Armed Forces had taken back full control over the border. Numerous smoke flares were lit and several fire crackers went off after all speakers had finished. The protestors dispersed peacefully shortly after noon. Up to 2,000 law enforcement officers were securing the event. (…)

Quelle: http://www.osce.org/ukraine-smm/241826

Aufruf des »Asow«-Zivilkorps zur Teilnahme an der Aktion (11.05.2016)

There has been an undeclared war for 2 years on the East. Ukraine gave away at this war a lot of forces and its children’s lives. What were these sacrifices for? For saving the unity of the country or for the capitulation?

Now the Nation has a mission to survive and save the statehood. Ukrainian politicians try to silence this question and withdraw their eyes inconveniently. This is the question about elections in the Donbas. According to the plan imposed by Russia Ukraine has to hold elections in the Donbas—and do it as soon as this year!

What does it mean?—It means election under the guns of separatists. It means the prohibition on the Ukrainian parties, journalists and forced migrants. It means the permission to vote for nonresident Russians. This is total legalization of the terrorists’ power and their pseudo-states. In fact, we`ll recognize the separatist formations and their legitimacy in front of the entire world.

This is capitulation!

At the same time, we don`t obtain any guarantees, terms and mechanisms for the terrorists’ disarmament, withdrawal of the Russian troops, restoration of the Ukrainian control over the border.

In other words, it will never happen.

The Minsk agreements shouldn’t be called so. “Agreement,” it’s when several parts agree about mutual concessions. But when one of these parts imposes its requirements—it`s a dictate!

If the Verkhovna Rada and the President decide to hold elections in the Donbas, it will mean the final loss of sovereignty over these territories. It will cause spreading the separatist gangrene all over Ukraine

Only the nation’s firm “no” can stop them! Ukrainians should oppose the capitulation with their own program!

Do you want elections?

Separatists’ disarmament—The withdrawal of the Russian troops—Restoration of the Ukrainian control over the border—Elections!

What can you do?

Join the march on May 20 in Kyiv

Don`t let the authorities capitulate quietly!

Support the Nation’s Requirements!

Say “yes” to our Victory, not our defeat!

Quelle: <http://azov.press/en/vimogi-nacii>

Reaktionen auf die Kundgebung

Präsident Poroschenko

President: Attempts to disrupt peace process is irresponsible with regard to state and will lead only to continuation of occupation of part of Donetsk and Luhansk regions (20.05.2016)

President Petro Poroshenko emphasized that political and diplomatic settlement was the only opportunity to restore Ukrainian sovereignty over the occupied areas of Donbas.

“I cannot but say a few words about today’s march in Kyiv. Russian TV channels were the first to broadcast those images—tires, firecrackers, reports about wounded policemen and civilians. These staged pictures are spread in order to demonstrate that someone is allegedly trying to destabilize the country. I emphasize once again—there is no military way to return Donbas,” Petro Poroshenko noted at the NSDC meeting.

The President emphasized that the key position for Ukraine was to ensure global solidarity and support, which, in its turn, ensures proper security level, liberation of hostages, withdrawal of occupation troops, political principles of settlement, restoration of Ukrainian control over the state border etc. In addition, it provides an opportunity to ensure the efficient use of the special monitoring mission and the deployment of the OSCE special armed police mission that will help ensure the transition period peacefully.

Petro Poroshenko that those were the main details of the Minsk agreements based on his peace plan. “Disruption of peace process is absolutely irresponsible with regard to the state and will lead only to the continuation of occupation of certain parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions,” the President stressed.

“As President and Supreme Commander-in-Chief, I cannot allow that. It is not my scenario,” the Head of State emphasized and added that the majority of Ukrainians stood for peace and peaceful return of Ukrainian sovereignty to the occupied territories. “We will not leave this road,” the President said.

Quelle: <http://www.president.gov.ua/en/news/prezident-namagannya-zirvati-mirni-procesi-bezvidpovidalno-p-37139>


The real power in the country belongs to the radical militant groups (20.05.2016)

Today’s militaristic action has shown that the real power in the country belongs to the radical militant groups. Armed men demonstrated “power, beauty and prowess” not the enemy in the conflict zone, and the politicians and the civilians of the capital, freely threatening to undermine the democratically elected government.

Radical militaristic formations, existing with the support of deputies from the People’s Front, make everything possible to disrupt the implementation of the Minsk agreements and restore peace in our land.

In the actual support of the interior Ministry, they staged outside Parliament a demonstration of weapons, frightened the power, the Parliament with actual purpose to continue the war. Their ultimatums are a direct threat of a coup. It is a continuation of the shooting and pressure on opposition politicians, the destruction and rejection of dissent.

Chaos and armed men on the streets mean a further continuation of the war and the impoverishment of the citizens. Destroying the economy, depriving it of investment, and people—jobs and decent wages, the radicals turn Ukraine into a backward unsafe for living and business the country.

The Opposition bloc states—no radical formation can not determine the vector of development of the state, they have no right to dictate to the authorities, the Parliament and the people how they should live in their country.

We demand peace from the authorities in Ukraine, economic recovery, reintegration of Donbass, the Minsk implementation of international agreements, investigation of today’s military action.

We demand to give a legal assessment of all the sounded threats and incitement to violence.

We urge citizens, all political forces of Ukraine to the world, civilized dialogue and compromise, tolerance and democracy. The Opposition bloc offers an alternative to war.

Quelle: <http://opposition.org.ua/en/news/realna-vlada-v-krani-nalezhit-radikalnim-voenizovanim-ugrupovannyam.html/>


Elections in Donbas without demilitarization will destroy Ukraine (20.05.2016)

Batkivshchyna faction leader Yulia Tymoshenko supports the position of volunteer battalions that local elections cannot be held in Donbas while the territory is occupied.

“We believe the people have the right to make adequate and absolutely correct demands—there can be no elections in Donbas during the occupation,” Yulia Tymoshenko said today in an exclusive interview with the Inter channel, reports the Batkivshchyna party press service.

The Batkivshchyna faction leader says that elections will be possible in Donbas only after the peaceful end to the military conflict in the east. “Liberation, demilitarization, return of refugees to their homes, restoration of Ukrainian laws and Ukrainian government control over these territories—only then can you start a public discussion on elections. Before then, any kind of elections in Donbas will mean the destruction of Ukraine,” she said.

“I understand the outrage of the volunteer battalions because a strategy of betrayal is being prepared for the country regarding holding elections during the occupation and war in Donbas. Volunteer battalions oppose such a surrender of the country,” Yulia Tymoshenko added.

Quelle: <https://www.tymoshenko.ua/en/news-en/elections-in-donbas-without-demilitarization-will-destroy-ukraine/>


Samopomich supports all peaceful forms of civil protest against elections in Donbas (20.05.2016)

We are keeping a watchful eye on those who are going to introduce the law on “elections in the temporarily occupied territories” to the Parliament. When this happens, we will turn to the people for help.

We have an alternative to the Minsk agreements: recognition of the territories occupied, ban on holding the elections. We have developed a strategy of de-occupation in the interests of Ukraine. We have informed Ukraine’s partners in Europe and the United States about the alternative.

Ukrainian interests is what Samopomich will defend in any situation by any means.

Glory to Ukraine!

Quelle: <http://samopomich.ua/en/uk-samopomich-pidtrymuje-bud-yaki-myrni-formy-hromadyanskoho-protestu-proty-prove dennya-vyboriv-na-donbasi/>

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Bewaffnete Freiwilligenbataillone: Informelle Machthaber in der Ukraine

Von Huseyn Aliyev
Die politische Landschaft der postsowjetischen Ukraine ist geprägt durch eine Vielzahl informeller Machthaber, darunter Oligarchen, hochrangige »Problemlöser« und Akteure der organisierten Kriminalität. Der Euromaidan, die Annexion der Krim und der Beginn des Krieges im Donbass haben die politische Landschaft der Ukraine um einen weiteren einflussreichen informellen Akteur erweitert: bewaffnete Freiwilligenbataillone. Die Freiwilligenverbände – in der Ukraine als »Dobrobaty« oder »Wolontery« bezeichnet – wurden mobilisiert, um die staatlichen Sicherheitskräfte im Konflikt in der Ostukraine zu unterstützen. Mit dem Ende der schweren Kampfhandlungen im Donbass wandten sich die Freiwilligenverbände der Politik zu und wurden schnell zu einflussreichen sozioökonomischen und -politischen Akteuren. Ungeachtet der hohen Reputation, die sie während des Donbass-Konflikts genossen, setzen Freiwilligenbataillone ihre Ressourcen aktiv ein, um den Staat in seiner Rolle als Sicherheitsgarant und Hüter des Gemeinwohls herauszufordern. (…)
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Militante russische Nationalisten

Von Nikolay Mitrokhin
Die militanten russischen Nationalisten sind ein kleiner, aber nach den Ereignissen im Donbas politisch überaus wichtiger Bestandteil der großen Bewegung russischer Nationalisten. Diese komplex organisierte und hinsichtlich ihrer Zusammensetzung vielfältige gesellschaftlich-politische Bewegung, die in den 2000er Jahren in den ehemaligen Sowjetrepubliken und in Russland aktiv war, wurde dann im Großen und Ganzen unter die Kontrolle der Präsidialadministration Putins genommen. Gegenwärtig ergibt sich ein ambivalentes Bild: Der militante Teil der Bewegung, zu dem die Radikalen gehören – hauptsächlich Veteranen unterschiedlicher Truppen für »besondere Einsätze« – verursacht dem Apparat des Regimes in Russland Kopfschmerzen, während er gleichzeitig auch als Reserve für unkonventionelle Kriege jenseits der russischen Grenzen dient.
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